Unmolding your Gelatine

This can cause untold stress to professional and home chefs alike. There is that moment when you have released the dessert with a knife, warmed it slightly and then inverted it on your presentation plate. Will it come out, will it come out cleanly or will it be underset and ooze like curdle milk all over your plate?


Just follow some simple rules and your life will be a stressless Gelatine dessert-based extravaganza.

– Gelatine needs time to set completely. The dish should be firm within several hours but if you can leave it overnight that’s even better.

– Before unmolding, dip your knife (I use a thin cheese knife) in warm water and run it around the edge of Gelatine to loosen it.

– Place the mold in warm water, halfway to the rim, for 5 to 10 seconds.

– Lift the mold from water and dry the outside.  Invert the mold on your serving plate and gently remove mold.

This is the point at which you have perfection on the plate or something that looks a little less edible. But not to worry. I have created the worst messes when unmolding dishes such as Panna Cotta. This is where a little creative decoration comes in.

Just think of garnishes and coulis:

– cover dessert in cooled chocolate sauce or raspberry coulis.

– crushed biscuits or Paillette Feuilletine covers cracks and missing gelatine.

– draping Persian floss or encasing the dessert in a hard sugar net.

– fresh fruit, caramel, and mint leaves can hide a magnitude of mistakes.

So, you never have to worry about making a mistake with Gelatine based dessert. Chances are what you think of less than perfection, your family and friends will love and demand more off. So, experience, play and just enjoy the process.

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